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Security Needs in Frankfurt, Germany

While Frankfurt, Germany is Germany’s fifth largest city, it’s also at the center of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region, which is home to around 5.5 million people. Frankfurt is also a hub for diverse cultures and ethnicities, as well as the home for many German and European financial institutions. This includes the German Federal Bank, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bank, European Central Bank, and many financial technology startup companies. If you have a desire for better security in Frankfurt, Germany, look no further than the excellency provided by Gatekeeper Security.

Three Factor Authentication

At Gatekeeper, we recognize how important it is to be able to reliably authenticate someone’s identity in a security setting. Let’s say your facility in Frankfurt, Germany has a secure parking facility or vehicle entryway checkpoint. Creating a means of identity authentication for all of those vehicles passing through is made easy with Gatekeeper. We have three pieces of technology that integrate with one another and help authenticate identity in a reliable and comprehensive way.

Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection

The first of these three elements of authentication is our automatic under vehicle inspection system, or the AUVIS. The AUVIS is capable of identifying the make and model of a vehicle through intelligent scanners that compare images to stored reference images. Beyond that, the AUVIS also scans for potential dangers that could be looming beneath a car. Any kinds of potential dangers or modifications will be pointed out to your security personnel for quick and easy assessment.

Our DriverCam

The DriverCam is a driver camera that functions under any conditions, whether there’s glare from overhead lighting or the sun or the vehicle’s windows are tinted. It’s capable of intelligent facial recognition, comparing the image of the driver–or even the occupants–of a vehicle to reference images in a database to authenticate identity in an effective way.

Reading License Plates

Lastly, our automatic License Plate Reader system integrates into this as well, which makes checking license plates a breeze. As one of the most easily tracked forms of vehicle identification, it’s important to be able to quickly and accurately determine what information a license plate offers. This means the alpha and numeric characters of course, but our license plate reader is also able to recognize the state of issuance as well as the plate’s color.

Gatekeeper Security for Berlin, Germany

Gatekeeper Security’s suite of intelligent optical technologies provides security personnel with the tool to detect today’s threats. Our systems help those in the energy, transportation, commercial, and government sectors protect their people and their valuables by detecting threats in time to take action. From automatic under vehicle inspection systems, automatic license plate reader systems, to on the move automatic vehicle occupant identifier, we offer full 360-degree vehicle scanning to ensure any threat is found. Throughout 30 countries around the globe, Gatekeeper Security’s technology is trusted to help protect critical infrastructure. Follow us on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn for updates about our technology and company.