Gatekeeper Security’s range of optical-based security technologies make use of highly advanced artificial and augmented intelligence. It’s this advanced artificial intelligence that positions us as a global leader in optical threat inspection and recognition. From the embedded, advanced machine vision algorithms to the integration of computer learning capabilities, Gatekeeper Security’s technologies augment the capabilities of human operators.

Our intelligent optical inspection and recognition systems automatically identify threats or changes in known behavior, remove the human failings of short attention span and replace it with attention to the smallest detail and recognition of threats in an ever changing security environment.

For example, our under vehicle inspection systems can automatically recognize a reference image of a similar vehicle just by its undercarriage image and highlight any change to be noted to the human operator. Likewise sun glare, nighttime optics, and tinted glass are non-factors to our advanced camera system, which can automatically identify a vehicle’s occupants where the human eye sees nothing.

The end result is a series of technologies that provides the highest level of threat recognition possible. Gatekeeper Security has been protecting critical national infrastructure assets in 28 countries around the globe, from extreme cold of Northern Russia to the punishing heat of the Middle East. With our GlobalReach™ technical support provided from service centers in the United States, Mexico, U.A.E, and Saudi Arabia, backed up by 24/7/365 internet access to factory support engineers, clients worldwide receive the same level of service as if they were in our own backyard.

Gatekeeper provides its security products and services to many sectors including:

  • Energy – including nuclear power plants, natural gas facilities, oil refineries and water reservoirs
  • Transportation – including airports, railroad companies, border crossings, cargo loading facilities, and sea ports
  • Commercial – including central or international banks, chemical plants, and hotels
  • Government – including federal facilities, local facilities, military headquarters and field operations, royal palaces, and international monitoring agencies

Gatekeeper’s technology is protected by the following issued patents: United States of America (8,817,098/8,305,442/8,358,343/7,349,004), Canada (2,599,002), Japan (435,1285), South Korea (10-110,7441/10-093,1420), India (282977), Israeli (203289 & 185459), and Europe (EP 1 854 297 B1).

Further Patents Pending in: United States and Europe that cover Gatekeeper’s IVUS and Intelligent Vehicle Occupant Detection (IVOD) technologies.