Gatekeeper Enterprise
Management System (GEMS)™

Enhance the human ability to detect threats and increase throughput safely with enterprise-wide visibility, data analysis, and actionable intelligence in real-time across all entry/exit lanes.

GEMS contactless systems provide the highest levels of security and throughput, without the need to physically interact and handle visitor documentation credentials.

Capitalize on a unified view of all your security information—facial detection, recognition, license plate decoding, vehicle classification, and undercarriage foreign object detection—and simplify your operations with a single intuitive interface.

GEMS Benefits

  • Real-time Actionable Insights and Intelligence

    Enable better decisions with complete visibility of all activity with industry- best license plate recognition, facial detection/recognition, vehicle classification, and vehicle undercarriage foreign object detection. Obtain real-time security information across all entry/exit locations.

  • Increase Security
    and Throughput

    Operate faster and more securely with GEMS’ ability to combine multiple factors of authentication across vehicles, occupants, and cargo. GEMS provides real-time, continuous visibility across all lanes, with a fast, searchable history and analytics of all events and alerts.

  • Fully Configurable UI and WebAPI Integration

    GEMS End-to-End system is both flexible and adaptable. Network security, personnel access, and data management are exclusively under customer control, giving you the freedom to simplify and secure your operations. GEMS offers seamless integration into customer PSIM and VMS solutions.

How GEMS Works

Key Features

Select the GEMS plan that works for you:

  • MFIS

    Provides secure transmission of image acquisition, data, and analysis in JSON payload.

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  • GEMS

    Display, manage, navigate, and explore real-time results without having to create your own user interface. View multiple lanes, search historical data, and setup zones, lanes, user roles and access permissions in a configurable user interface.

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  • GEMS Pro

    Supports a variety of advanced utilities to add real-time vehicle and occupant alerts, display a statistical aggregate of all event data over time, and well-documented WebAPI support for custom integration into Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) Systems, customer applications, and 3rd party software.

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