Our Intelligent Optical Inspection and Recognition Technologies

Global Industry Leader in Vehicle Inspection Security Systems

Gatekeeper Security is a global leader in the development of intelligent optical inspection and recognition technologies. Our optical technologies contain artificial and augmented intelligence to assist with the automatic identification of threats, highlighting changes to vehicles, reading identifying codes on shipping containers, license plates, or recognizing changes in known behavior typically at high security facilities around the globe.

Our technologies aren’t meant to replace humans. They’re designed to augment the human operator to make better informed decisions.

Since 2004, Gatekeeper’s suite of intelligent optical technologies has provided security personnel with the tools to detect today’s threats. Security systems not deploying artificial and/or augmented intelligence leave open secure facilities to the reliance on outdated systems and technologies that don’t address the human failings of short attention span, attention to minute detail and the limitations of the human observation. With the Gatekeeper technologies these failings are replaced with highly advanced machine & computer vision algorithms that include machine learning capabilities. The result is a range of technologies that provide the highest level of detection and recognition possible to meet ever changing demands. From air and sea ports and royal palaces to nuclear power plants and border crossings, Gatekeeper’s advanced technologies provide the highest level of security possible in today’s world. Technologies that are expressly trusted by governments, military forces and corporations all over the world.

The first line of defense against foreign and domestic threats no matter the means of ground travel

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