Leading the way in intelligent inspection and recognition solutions to secure borders, identify threats, and provide real-time actionable intelligence. Gatekeeper solutions provide the actionable insights that keep travelers and cargo moving efficiently, while ensuring the highest levels of security.

We are committed to developing innovative solutions that augment human ability to rapidly and accurately perform multiple security functions simultaneously.

Multi-Factor Intelligent Security (MFIS)

MFIS pulls together and analyzes multiple factors of authentication—facial recognition, license plate analytics, vehicle classification, and undercarriage threat detection—to deliver the actionable intelligence that matters most to our customers. MFIS is designed to work in the background, facilitating faster processing and security for border crossings, ports of entry, industrial facilities, and transportation hubs.

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Pedestrian Identification Clearance System (PICS)

Reduce wait times, secure borders and pedestrian travel with real-time facial detection and recognition. PICS eliminates non optimal and background images in advance to allow only the best unique images for facial recognition matching.

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Intelligent Train Undercarriage Scanner (ITUS)

Increase security and throughput by automatically detecting foreign objects, anomalies, and potential maintenance hazards in each train car’s undercarriage. ITUS provides high-resolution images under all environmental conditions.

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Second Detection