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Gatekeeper has the depth and breadth of experience that ensures our systems perform at unprecedented levels of accuracy, availability and reliability.

Multi-factor Intelligent Security (MFIS)™

Gatekeeper offers customers the ability to increase their security capabilities by easily integrating additional Gatekeeper authentication modules, designed to suit their most challenging problems. A common platform and self-configuring user interface provides a unified solution for detecting a variety of threats. LEARN MORE


Intelligent Vehicle Undercarriage Scanner (IVUS)™

Using advanced signal processing, generates a “digital fingerprint” to automatically inspect a vehicle’s undercarriage to identify make and model, detect foreign objects and anomalies, and provide alerts regarding potential threats—all within a matter of seconds. LEARN MORE


Intelligent License Plate Analytics (ILPA)™

Employing advanced machine learning, captures high-resolution images of vehicle and truck license plates to accurately provide the plates alpha-numeric value, country and state of origin under all environmental conditions. LEARN MORE


Intelligent Vehicle Occupant Detection (IVOD)™

Performs real-time facial detection and recognition of all vehicle occupants (both front and rear seats) under a variety of challenging conditions including day, night, inclement weather, high-glare sunlight, and through heavily tinted glass. LEARN MORE


Intelligent Shipping Container Detection (ISCD)™

Automatically recognizes and decodes international shipping container codes, speeding up the security and overall throughput to process cargo tracking at busy border crossings, railways, air and sea ports. LEARN MORE


Intelligent Vehicle Classification Analytics™

Detect the make, model, and color of a vehicle in real-time for use in higher level analytics. LEARN MORE


Intelligent Train Undercarriage Scanner (ITUS)™

Automatically identifies and inspects each train car’s undercarriage providing a high-resolution image and the ability to immediately detect foreign objects, anomalies,and potential maintenance hazards under all environmental conditions. LEARN MORE