Intelligent Vehicle Undercarriage Scanner (IVUS)™

Using advanced signal processing to generate a “digital fingerprint” to automatically inspect a vehicle’s undercarriage to identify make and model, detect foreign objects and anomalies, and provide alerts regarding potential threats—all within a matter of seconds.



If you aren’t inspecting the undercarriage of vehicles automatically—why bother?
A growing number of experienced security professionals across the globe have taken this position with regards to vehicle inspections. These same professionals were among the first to embrace the benefits of artificial and or augmented intelligence as a means to overcome the inherent challenges of manual vehicle inspection. Gatekeeper’s development and application of AI to the world of under vehicle inspection has been a breakthrough for the security industry worldwide, eliminating challenges associated with manual inspection, such as providing a comprehensive search of a vehicle’s undercarriage in an efficient and timely manner, personnel conducting a search with little if any knowledge of the mechanical layout of a vehicle undercarriage, and the ability of guards to concentrate and conduct comprehensive searches for many hours at a time in varying work environments.

Truck at border checkpointImmediate Threat Detection
Vehicles drive over the dual-view scanner while Gatekeeper technology compiles two high-resolution, virtual 3-D digital images of a vehicle’s undercarriage to create the vehicle’s digital “fingerprint.” Two views make it easier to see any threatening objects that may be hidden on top of an axel or crossbeam. An overview/driver camera captures the normal view of car/driver and displays this on the high-resolution touch screen.

Foreign Object and Contraband Detection
Automatically identifies the vehicle’s make and model / Detects any foreign objects or modifications / Highlights these changes / Establishes the vehicle’s “digital fingerprint” / Alerts personnel of any threats all in a matter of seconds / High and secure throughput

Multi-Factor Authentication
After the vehicle has cleared the scanning device, it only takes 4 seconds for Gatekeeper’s Automatic Foreign Object Detection software to automatically compare the subject vehicle’s undercarriage to a reference image (stored in the database) and display both on the screen. The system then immediately identifies any foreign objects or modifications to the undercarriage by circling them with a red ring AND activating an audio and/or visual alarm.



  • Military Checkpoints
  • Border Crossings
  • Airports & Seaports
  • Hotels & Royal Palaces
  • Government Buildings
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Chemical Companies
  • Installations
  • Special Events
  • Temporary Security

Misrepresentations of Manufacturer’s Capabilities – Gatekeeper Offers USD100,000 plus unlimited video rights of the test to any party who can prove they can beat Gatekeeper’s IVUS.

Gatekeeper Security’s technologies deliver the absolute highest level of performance in the industry. This level of performance is imperative when it comes to the security of the areas our systems protect. Unfortunately, many under vehicle inspection technology manufacturers have chosen to misrepresent their own technology’s capabilities. To prove that our technology cannot be matched and that many manufacturers make false claims about their technologies, Gatekeeper has offered to manufacturers, the ability to video a side by side test of the various claims made by the associated manufacturers against those of Gatekeeper. The resulting video being available on an unrestricted basis for marketing purposes by either party. To support Gatekeeper’s claims Gatekeeper since July 2014, has offered USD100,000 and unrestricted video rights to a manufacturer judged by an independent party, subject to the rules of the competition, to provide superior technology to Gatekeepers’. To date, not one manufacturer worldwide has agreed to demonstrate their claimed capabilities.

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