Government agencies across the globe are charged with providing essential services for their citizens, and are keenly aware of the role that security plays in protecting their operations. Threats can come from anywhere at any time, and public safety and security is important for government agencies at all levels. Federal facilities, local facilities, military headquarters and field operations, royal palaces, and international monitoring agencies either at home or abroad demand a higher level of security, regardless of their location.

Gatekeeper Security protects government agencies in countries throughout the world, in some of the harshest, most dangerous environments. Our advanced, fully-automatic systems are designed to quickly alert security personnel of possible danger, wherever it may come from. A global leader in vehicle inspection security systems, you will find our Intelligent Vehicle Undercarriage Scanner (IVUS), Intelligent Vehicle Occupant Detection (IVOD), and Intelligent License Plate Recognition (ILPR), protecting secure government facilities in over 30 countries. Our systems are supported by GlobalReach™ technical support provided from service centers in the United States, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E, backed up by 24/7/365 internet access to factory support engineers.

Intelligent Vehicle Undercarriage Scanner (IVUS)

Protecting your government facility with any under vehicle inspection system isn’t enough. A growing number of experienced security professionals across the globe now concur that automatic under vehicle inspection is the best and only way to detect threats. Learn how Gatekeeper’s systems are overcoming the inherent challenges of manual vehicle inspection and protecting government locations worldwide.

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Intelligent License Plate Recognition (ILPR)

Gatekeeper’s Intelligent License Plate Recognition technology is proven effective in 21 countries, supports multiple languages and formats, and recognizes a full scope of national, regional, state, and municipal identities, making it ideal for use in government applications worldwide.

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Intelligent Vehicle Occupant Detection (IVOD)

Security personnel at sensitive government facilities need to know who’s behind the wheel, day or night, tinted glass or not. Gatekeeper’s Intelligent Vehicle Occupant Detection (IVOD) utilizes a high-resolution area scan camera that is optimized for both day and night operation, and a powerful array of LED lights illuminate the driver even through tinted glass.

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