Whether you’re transporting cargo or passengers, safety and security are a top priority in today’s transportation industry. From airports to railroad companies, border crossings to cargo loading facilities, Gatekeeper Security’s advanced systems are protecting the transportation industry across the globe.

Our security systems include a full suite of interconnected solutions, from Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection systems, DriverCam systems, and Automatic License Plate Reader systems, to Container Code Reader systems for cargo containers.

As a global leader in vehicle inspection security systems, we design our systems to withstand the harshest environments the transportation industry faces across the world. Each system is designed with an IP68 (Ingress Protection) certification to withstand harsh environmental conditions; for over 12 years Gatekeeper systems have operated continuously and reliably in the frozen north of Siberia, to the arid heat of the Middle East and the humidity of Southeast Asia. In addition, we provide GlobalReach™ technical support provided from service centers in the United States, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E, backed up by 24/7/365 internet access to factory support engineers.

Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System

Gatekeeper’s Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection systems are protecting airports, cargo loading facilities, border crossings and more. The GKR-TR11 Automatic Train Undercarriage Inspection System automatically scans each train car’s undercarriage at rail facilities in countries worldwide.

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LPR Systems

With superior image quality and advanced character recognition software, Gatekeeper’s Automatic License Plate Reader system is the choice of the transportation industry. Track vehicles in and out of facilities and connect to law enforcement reporting systems so that stolen vehicles, stolen plates, or vehicles of interest are automatically flagged on the operator terminal.

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Whether you’re protecting an airport or a border crossing, knowing who is driving a vehicle as they approach is one of the most crucial security measures you can take. With Gatekeeper’s DriverCam, security officers know who is inside, even through tinted glass, day or night, thanks to the high-resolution area scan camera and a powerful targeted array of LED lights.

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Container Code Reader

Gatekeeper Security’s Container Code Reader is a highly-effective container code recognition device that is uniquely suited for a full range of application in ports, cargo loading facilities, and various transportation situations.

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