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How to Protect Against Hackers on Car Sharing Services Using Transportation Security Systems

How to Protect Against Hackers on Car Sharing Services Using Transportation Security Systems

Car sharing services are an incredible form of assistance that is made possible by emerging technologies with AI. However, companies need to be more cautious.

Car sharing services are an incredible form of assistance that is made possible by emerging and progressive technologies with artificial intelligence. However, companies need to be more cautious when dealing with their services, as hackers and criminals may target them for a potential attack. It’s smart to turn off your car’s Bluetooth and consistently update its software, but hackers are unpredictable. It’s happened before with other companies, but here’s how to identify the possible factors for an attack, and how to use transportation security systems to combat it properly.

Cell Phone connectivity

Many car-sharing companies provide mobile apps for users to download to help them utilize the most out of their car-sharing service. However, these companies may not realize that adding another element to its function makes it all the more complicated to protect. A mobile app makes it even more challenging to monitor and analyze user activity and interaction. With more monitoring, as well as implementing a transportation security system, there would be an extra layer of protection to guarantee companies protection in case of an emergency.

Fraudulent users

How are car-sharing companies able to detect fraud? It’s an excellent question that there aren’t any clear-cut answers to. The best way to discover fraudulent activity is by analyzing user behavior. Fraud may not be something very technical, like a hack, but it can be detected with dependable machine learning and behavioral analysis. Companies must be able to analyze their user’s behavior to figure out what is “normal” and what isn’t. This is one way to find out who a potential hacker might be. Transportation security systems can guarantee that these cars are at least tracked down when a possible attack strikes.


When a user hacks a car-sharing services system, it’s not likely that he or she did it on a whim. They typically plan these attacks days or even weeks in advance. To have devised a successful data breach, thieves must have tested out the service’s app or system and researched how to make their next move. This could have been prevented by using behavioral analysis for their app and the system’s user activity.

Proper Preparation

If a car-sharing company wants to guarantee a backup service of protection in case of cyber-attacks from hackers, they should invest in some form of transportation security. One of the ways to prevent this would be installing intelligent driver cameras in each car that activates when alerted by the company for emergencies. This kind of technology can use facial recognition to identify the hackers.

Vehicle Inspection Security With Gatekeeper

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