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The Three Principles Behind Any Security System

Security System

What goes into making a fully functional and effective security system? There are three guiding principles that must always be considered.

When it comes to security, the end-user is something that always must be thought of as a top priority. Keeping them safe but also making systems intuitive and usable is a critical part of developing security technologies. Whether it’s cybersecurity or physical security, there are a few principles that guide the development of security technologies and protocols. Today, we want to take a look at three essential elements behind any security system and why they’re so important as well as what that may actually look like within one particular system.

1. Confidentiality

Access ought to only be granted to those who have the proper credentials. Think of an intelligent driver camera for example; while it may be integrated alongside a database of facial scans that are granted access, it’s important that no one is able to access that database outside of security professionals. If someone were to gain access to the backend of the system, they could acquire sensitive data about end-users that could jeopardize their safety. Making sure the system is confidential and that anyone who ends up using it isn’t at risk of having their private information stolen is an important part of developing a security system.

2. Integrity

While it’s important to make sure access to the backend of systems is protected, it’s also important that the integrity of that backend is maintained. Any information that is relied on must be updated and accurate. This means that changes in the system, whether that means new kinds of vehicles to look for with an Intelligent Vehicle Undercarriage Scanner or just updated access control credentials, must be accurate and communicated properly across the board.

3. Availability

When it comes to availability, it’s important that security professionals are able to access and interact with security systems whenever need be. Availability also means making sure the end-user isn’t impeded upon and is able to quickly and successfully take advantage of the security system and reap its benefits. An ideal security system balances these three principles and allows for a smoother experience by everyone who is involved.

Vehicle Inspection Security With Gatekeeper

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