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Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Automotive Fleet Security

Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Automotive Fleet Security

Many believe that artificial intelligence can continue to help us in both our personal lives and in the business world

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a form of technology that has impacted the world in many fantastic ways. As it progresses over the years, we as humans wonder just how intelligent this kind of technology can get. Many believe that artificial intelligence can continue to help us in both our personal lives and in the business world. However, many people don’t seem to truly understand how AI technologies impact the automotive industry.

The True Effect of Artificial Intelligence Technologies with Automobiles

People have been driving cars for years, and it has not been until recently that technology was implemented in an effective way to improve our driving experiences. Many modern vehicles are now connected by multiple built-in computer systems called Telematic Control Units (TCUs) and Electronic Control Units (ECUs). The point of these computers is to collect information about the car’s general activity and to send it to the connected service provider. These computers use millions of different codes to send vehicles use diagnostics, all because of artificial intelligence.

What car fleet operators do with this information

Car fleet operators, or the people who collect this data for analytics, have the most to gain from this new wave of real-time information on their cars and exactly how they’re being operated. The most common types of car fleet operators are typically car-sharing companies, telematics companies, rental agencies, and enterprises with large fleets of vehicles. The data that they collect from artificial intelligence typically includes:

–       Mileage

–       Location

–       Fuel usage

–       Driving behaviors

–       Opened or unopened doors

The amount of information that these fleet operators are now receiving is incredible. However, it is a bit of a struggle for them to efficiently increase and control the massive amounts of data that they are receiving. Operators simply lack the time and knowledge to go through every bit of data that is sent their way.

Improving Car Data through the Wonders of Artificial Intelligence

Due to the swift progression of artificial intelligence technologies, car fleet operators will no longer have to worry about organizing and interpreting the overwhelming amount of data that they have collected from their Telematic and Electronic Control Units. By simply combining the information they have received from novel machine learning techniques and big data analytics, fleet operators will now have a more organized view of their cars. They will now be able to monitor and manage them effectively, quickly pick up on any issues, and enforce their policies on each vehicle. The effect of combining artificial intelligence machine learning and the already collected big data from their computer systems is incredible, as fleet operators can now learn the normal behavior for each car, and can detect threats on a much more manageable level. These include fraud attempts, car theft, and vehicle misuses.

How it impacts fleet operators and drivers in general

As artificial intelligence continues to improve, we as humans will have a better understanding of how to improve our lives with its help. The impact that artificial intelligence technologies have had on cars already is astonishing, from little things to more innovative advancements. As AI gets better, our vehicles will keep getting better!

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