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Gatekeeper is a global leader in providing security professionals with industry best cargo, traveler, and vehicle validation and inspection security systems and critical infrastructure access control technologies.

Our border management systems augment the human ability to rapidly and accurately perform multiple security functions simultaneously to keep travelers and cargo moving safely and quickly.

Operational Health
Monitoring (OHM)™

Maximize lane performance and operational up-time with real-time alerts and status updates on equipment health.

OHM identifies and communicates issues that adversely affect the optimal performance of Gatekeeper’s systems by monitoring event data, hardware performance, and software in time to take action against a potential cybersecurity threat.

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We help safeguard international border ports of entry and secure access control lanes around the world.

Gatekeeper’s automatic under vehicle inspection, LPR systems, vehicle occupant facial detection & recognition, vehicle classification and identification, shipping container code reading, vehicle classification, RFID, and passport cards are found in energy, transportation, commercial and government facilities around the globe.

> 800

International Border Port of Entry Lanes Operations

> 2700

Access Control Lanes at Critical Infrastructure and Commercial Facilities

Our wide portfolio of multi-factor solutions include the best security management imaging systems, sensors, and analytics necessary to keep travelers and cargo moving quickly, while ensuring the highest levels of security.

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