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Why Vehicle Inspection is So Important to Commercial Entities

Vehicle Inspection

Security has always been critical to the commercial sector. How does vehicle inspection play a part in that?

We live in a world that is so centered on technology, all of which has big benefits but has introduced a number of security risks as well. In the commercial sector, this has become especially problematic—not only are physical risks still a concern just as they always have been, but there are also digital vulnerabilities for commercial entities to protect themselves from. With so many bases to cover, it comes as no surprise that at times some elements of security are neglected. Below, we dig into some of the ways commercial entities can better protect themselves and how vehicle inspection plays a big part in that.

Tech Geared Towards Drivers

One critical element of good security is the ability to quickly and effective authorize the identity of someone trying to gain access to a facility. We see this within buildings in access control systems, but the same principle can be applied towards vehicle inspection via the use of intelligent driver cameras. This includes something like Gatekeeper’s Intelligent Vehicle Occupant Detector, which can scan all occupants of a vehicle and perform advanced facial matching against a database to determine whether or not those occupants are authorized to enter a secure area.

Immediate Threat Detection

Most commercial entities are most concerned about things like theft than actual acts of terror, but that doesn’t mean there are some instances that warrant such a thing—which creates a need for immediate threat detection technologies. In terms of vehicle inspection, this means something like an under vehicle scanner which can search for any dangerous modifications or foreign objects that could pose a threat. This allows security professionals to secure an area in the case of special events that may need better security than is typical.

License Plate Recognition

While recognizing drivers and the other occupants of a vehicle are important, it’s always good to have multiple means of authorizing identity, a basic principle in security known as multifactor authentication. Another system that can play a part in this is a license plate reader, which is a quick and reliable way to record license plates and turn that information into usable data. Having this system in place offers another way of retroactively looking into who may have entered or exited a secure area, but it also can serve as a means of identity authorization.

Improving Security With Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper Security’s suite of intelligent optical technologies provides security personnel with the tool to detect today’s threats. Our systems help those in the energy, transportation, commercial, and government sectors protect their people and their valuables by detecting threats in time to take action. From automatic under vehicle inspection systems, automatic license plate reader systems, to on the move automatic vehicle occupant identifier, we offer full 360-degree vehicle scanning to ensure any threat is found. Throughout 30 countries around the globe, Gatekeeper Security’s technology is trusted to help protect critical infrastructure. Follow us on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn for updates about our technology and company.

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