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Why is Foreign Object Detection a Critical Part of Vehicle Inspection Systems?

Foreign Object Detection

Foreign object detection has quickly become an important part of vehicle inspection security.

Security is no simple matter. It requires professionals to take a look at all of the available tools out there—and there are many—and determine what technologies or practices are best to employ when trying to keep people safe. When it comes to vehicle inspection, there are a number of possibilities out there to make our interactions with vehicles safer and more reliable. One option is an under vehicle inspection system which scans for immediate threats—but how does foreign object detection play a part in this?

What Is It?

Foreign object detection is a concept applied in a number of scenarios already: from food safety to airport runways. It can be used to ensure that runways are clear of debris or that contaminants haven’t made their way into food that they shouldn’t have. Since it is a broadly utilized approach, foreign object detection makes sense in a lot of security applications as well. This includes vehicle inspection systems, where foreign object detection can go a long way in helping discover explosives, weapons, contraband, or anything else that may be somewhere it shouldn’t be.

How Does Gatekeeper Use FOD?

Gatekeeper’s Intelligent Under Vehicle Scanner System is able to immediately alert personnel of any threats or contraband that may be present beneath a vehicle. It does so by automatically identifying the vehicle’s make and model and highlighting those foreign objects for a security professional to then assess and approach. This quick and efficient means of threat detection makes for a safer situation for all involved—security experts can rest easy knowing that the IVUS is doing much of the heavy lifting and everyone else on the road is made much safer as well by such a technology.

Why the IVUS?

More and more experts agree that undercarriage inspection is an essential element in vehicle inspection overall. With the IVUS, you can create digital fingerprints of every vehicle, making it easier to identify any objects that may cause a risk. This, combined with the ability to integrate the system into other security tech, makes for a comprehensive approach towards security that you won’t find elsewhere. There are a number of unfortunate challenges associated with manual vehicle inspection and Gatekeeper seeks to find creative, effective approaches towards making the world a safer, more secure place.

Improving Security With Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper Security’s suite of intelligent optical technologies provides security personnel with the tool to detect today’s threats. Our systems help those in the energy, transportation, commercial, and government sectors protect their people and their valuables by detecting threats in time to take action. From automatic under vehicle inspection systems, automatic license plate reader systems, to on the move automatic vehicle occupant identifier, we offer full 360-degree vehicle scanning to ensure any threat is found. Throughout 30 countries around the globe, Gatekeeper Security’s technology is trusted to help protect critical infrastructure. Follow us on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn for updates about our technology and company.

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