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Automatic License Plate Readers, How Do They Work?

Automatic License Plate Readers, How Do They Work?

Automatic license plate readers are high-speed cameras that take multiple photographs of license plate numbers.

Many companies and organizations need a sense of security for their property. One form of clarity that you can install is an automatic license plate reader. Automatic license plate readers are high-speed cameras that take multiple photographs of license plate numbers. They then capture their geolocation along with the time and the date of the picture. These cameras are very versatile. They can be stationary, in which case they’re typically attached to fixed locations such as exit ramps, telephone poles, or traffic lights. In this blog, you will learn the in’s and out’s of automatic license plate readers, and how they are implemented on an everyday basis.

What Data is Collected Through Automatic License Plate Readers?

You might be wondering now – what exactly can these license plate readers get from scanning a vehicle? Or what kinds of organizations have a use for them? Police squad cars can use mobile license plate readers to capture the plate data of vehicles on public roads. Some cameras work hand-in-hand with automated red-light cameras or speed enforcement systems. These automatic license plate readers can collect data on thousands of plates every single minute. The data is then uploaded to a central server. Police stations can then store this data for up to six or twelve months.

Who Else Can Use This Data?

Other than the police departments, many other organizations can collect data from automatic license plate readers. This includes insurance companies, banks, auto-recovery companies, and credit reporting agencies. These are all private entities that are free from retention limits, public requests, or any public oversight.

What Other Uses Do Automatic License Plate Readers Have?

Although automatic license plate reader data has been used to determine whether vehicles were at the scene or an accident or a crime, the data can also be used for much more important things. License plate reader data can be used to surveil and track down drivers who attend political events or gun shows. Or anyone who visits mosques or parks near sensitive areas. Whether or not the people with these specified license plate numbers have been accused of a crime or not, their plates will still be scanned. They can also be used for border security to ensure that no vehicles crossing the border of your country has anyone or anything suspicious inside. Whenever a license plate number has been associated with a crime or suspicious activity, the system can send alerts to any agencies or police officers to notify them. Automatic license plate readers serve a much more significant role as a form of security.

Vehicle Inspection Security With Gatekeeper

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