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Multi-Factor Intelligent
Security (MFIS)®

Give your security professionals the ability to find multiple risks simultaneously with cargo, vehicle, and traveler validation in one integrated transportation security system.

MFIS® is modular and operates in the background, facilitating faster processing and security for border crossings, ports of entry, industrial facilities, and transportation hubs. With multiple factors of authentication—facial recognition, license plate detection, vehicle classification, undercarriage threat detection, and RFID—we deliver the actionable intelligence that matters most for security.

MFIS® Core Technologies

IVOD Facial Detection and Recognition Icon

IVOD® Facial Detection & Recognition

Perform real-time vehicle occupant facial detection & recognition (both front and rear seats) under a variety of challenging conditions including day, night, inclement weather, high-glare sunlight, and through heavily tinted glass.

IVUS Undercarriage Threat Detection Icon

IVUS® Undercarriage Threat Detection

Industry-leading, fully automatic under vehicle inspection system to detect anamolies including improvised explosives, contraband and human trafficking—all within a matter of seconds.

ILPA License Plate Reader Icon

ILPA® License Plate Reader

Our automatic license plate reader captures high-resolution images and decodes vehicle and truck plates under all environmental conditions with the industry’s highest accuracy LPR read rates

IVCA Vehicle Classification Icon

IVCA® Vehicle Classification

Detect the make, model, and color of a vehicle in real-time for use in higher level analytics.



Using technology & real-time analytics to obtain transponder and travel document validation, RFID keeps legitimate cargo and travelers moving quickly across the border.

Real Time Analytics

Real-time Analytics

MFIS® is the multi-factor security solution that integrates into your own security framework, all visible with real-time analytics through Gatekeeper’s WebAPI and GEMS User Interface (UI).