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How to Safely Navigate a Parking Facility

How to Safely Navigate a Parking Facility

As good as a parking lot design might be sometimes, you will always want to take on some types of personal responsibility to keep yourself safe.

Just about anybody who has ever walked through a parking lot, garage or facility is familiar with the eerie feeling that could wash over you while you’re there. Ideally, a parking facility or lot is designed in a way to promote safety and leaves you feeling more secure. As good as a parking lot design might be sometimes, you will always want to take on some types of personal responsibility to keep yourself safe. Take a bit of time to brush up on these helpful safety tips when navigating a parking lot or garage, and remember that this is a perfect time to consider parking infrastructure as well. Read on to learn more!

Stick to the Most Populated Areas

If you want to deter away crooks, you are going to want to stick around dense spots. Think about it like this: if you’re walking around a garage and notice someone breaking into your vehicle, you are likely to call the police or inform any security professionals. The same is true for the majority of people, which is why you always want to try to park near other cars and other people as well. By having more people around your vehicle, you increase the sense of public accountability and make your situation a lot more safe.

Park by Lights and Security Technology

Does the parking facility have proper lighting in some spots but not others? How about security cameras, under vehicle inspection scanners, and other security technology? Parking by these elements of a parking facility can help increase your overall sense of security. When systems like these are set up, it makes a thief or wrongdoer think long and hard about messing with you or your vehicle.

Keep Your Phone in Your Pockets

Most of us look at our cellphones without thinking twice. In fact, it is very common to take a look at your screen while on your way to your vehicle in the parking facility. This opens you up to all types of attacks and makes you vulnerable. It might be very tempting to call a buddy while walking home, but you are better off leaving your phone in your pockets and not making yourself a target.

Infrastructure Matters

While there is a bit of personal reasonability involved, a lot of this is up to the designers and owners of the parking facilities. This includes proper lighting, signage, security technology, identification checks, and more. Properly designed spaces are essential in making everyone safe.

Groundbreaking Technologies with Gatekeeper

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