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Looking for a Complete Vehicle Inspection Security Package?

complete vehicle inspection security package

A complete vehicle inspection security package gives checkpoint operators the best look at each vehicle passing through.

For some check points and facilities it might be enough to just have a DriverCam or license plate reader to monitor the vehicles and drivers passing through. Some locations require much more stringent security and need a more complete picture of who is coming and going. What should a facility with high security demands include in a complete vehicle inspection security system?


The DriverCam systems is capable of capturing high quality images of drivers and passengers to help you keep track of everyone arriving and leaving your facility. The images are such high quality that they can be used in conjunction with facial recognition software to identify a vehicle’s occupants. Pairing the high-resolution camera with powerful LEDs allows you to capture images of those inside a vehicle even if the windows are heavily tinted or there is a strong glare.    

License Plate Reader

License plate reader systems from Gatekeeper Security are advanced intelligent optical systems that do much more than just snap an image of license plates. These systems combine superior images with advanced character recognition to provide operators with the license plate number, country, state, and plate color.

Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System

The AUVIS helps gives checkpoint operators the full picture of a vehicle they need. By compiling two high-resolution, virtual 3-D digital images of a vehicle’s undercarriage, the AUVIS gives operators a “digital fingerprint” that can be used to make a profile of the vehicle and compared against a database of safe vehicles.

Put Your Trust in Gatekeeper Security

Gatekeeper Security’s suite of intelligent optical technologies provides security personnel with the tool to detect today’s threats. Our systems help those in the energy, transportation, commercial, and government sectors protect their people and their valuables by detecting threats in time to take action. From automatic under vehicle inspection systems to automatic license plate reader systems, we offer full 360-degree vehicle scanning to ensure any threat is found. Throughout 30 countries around the globe, Gatekeeper Security’s technology is trusted to help protect critical infrastructure. Follow us on Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn for updates about our technology and company.

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