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Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Modern Vehicle Inspection Technology

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Modern Vehicle Inspection Technology

There are ways that artificial intelligence has impacted video inspection technologies.

In most regards, artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way we approach problem-solving. AI is now accessible to just about anyone, and we can delegate it all different kinds of tasks. Machine learning is only improving with each passing day, but in general, it still has plenty of room to grow. The potential for what we’re able to accomplish with artificial intelligence is incredible. However, as things stand, there are a few areas where it has thrived incredibly. This includes a lot of security technologies. There are ways that artificial intelligence has impacted video inspection technologies. Read on to learn which benefits are taken away from artificial intelligence-based security systems and how they can help you!

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

When we talk about ai today, we’re usually referring to machine learning. Artificial intelligence is any intelligent behavior that is carried out by machines. Some examples of this kind of artificial intelligence are facial recognition technology, the personal assistant on your smartphone or smart television, and self-driving cars. Machine learning allows artificial intelligence to become efficient at one specific thing, which will work well in conditions and spots where you can provide the artificial intelligence with enough points to efficiently and effectively “learn” different trends within a particular set of data. This type of pattern recognition allows us to take on large amounts of data and make decisions in the world of security. In this way, you can be handling various entities entering or leaving your facility or building, a lot more manageable and securely.

Enhanced Image Analysis Capabilities

Regarding any visual security analysis, we have relied on human workers to run these systems. There are all kinds of drawbacks to this. They may need to learn what it is they are looking for, and there is a possibility that they cannot determine what it is that the text says precisely. They could also not be able to record data on what it is they see. Artificial intelligence does plenty of heavy lifting and lets us do things more efficiently and quickly organizing data regarding any license plates or other facial scans. This is all while comparing them against any different databases to help enable security operators to create much better designs for vehicle inspections.

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Groundbreaking Technologies with Gatekeeper

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