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Why Artificial Intelligence May Be Behind More Security Cameras Now

Artificial Intelligence

There may not be a human behind the security cameras of the future.

Traditional common sense tells us that there’s someone monitoring every security camera we see–if not in real time, then they’re watching CCTV recordings later on. The truth is, we’re seeing more and more systems that may not have a human being behind them at all. As we see more surveillance systems rely on artificial intelligence, we will be able to reduce the number of trained personnel involved in the security sector while still increasing the likelihood of spotting a crime or security breach. What are the advantages of systems that utilize artificial intelligence and why are they becoming so popular?

How Artificial Intelligence Based Systems Work

Some kinds of artificial intelligence based security systems use something called machine learning. This allows the cameras to “learn” what is normal for an area then send alerts based on abnormal activity. It’s also possible to program in the kinds of triggers for the system, for example, a retail store may want to have their system check for loiterers specifically and receive alerts when someone is loitering. Other smart security systems, like our DriverCam, is capable of comparing what it picks up with a reference image and accurately determine whether or not it’s a close enough match.

Why Rely on A.I.?

A.I. systems offer some big benefits. For one, they can operate around the clock without getting tired or needing to take breaks, meaning you get more reliable coverage when you need it. A.I. systems are also able to rigorously analyze footage through complex algorithms, allowing them to catch details that the human eye may just miss. These systems also allow for more real-time responsive action, whereas many times CCTV footage is just used as evidence later on, systems using A.I. may be able to help stop a crime while it’s happening.

Potential Boundaries

As with most new technologies, there are concerns about artificially intelligent cameras. The first is continuing to improve machine learning and making sure that these setups are actually sending the right alerts to security personnel and not overlooking something that could potentially be dangerous.

Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems from Gatekeeper

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