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2 Ways to Improve Border Security That Aren’t Being Talked About

Border Security

Improving border security is something we hear a lot about these days. Here are a few ideas for effective measures.

Anyone familiar with the current discussions regarding border security in the United States knows it’s a conversation that has dominated the public sphere lately—everyone has an opinion on what we should do but those conversations are also focused around only a handful of main ideas. However, there are a number of effective security solutions that just aren’t being talked about and apply to the broader idea of securing borders. Today, we want to take a look at two ways to improve border security that aren’t discussed as often as they may need to be.

1. Renovating Ports of Entry

Many of the kinds of problems we talk about when we’re concerned about border security pass through land ports of entry. These ports of entry are also just underequipped and as a result, many of these ports end up having 1-2 hour waits to gain entry into the country. By renovating those entryways and putting some money into the infrastructure, it makes the process easier for everyone involved—from border agents to travelers. In many cases, upgrading the infrastructure of a port of entry can make things easier, and safer, for everyone.  

2. Integrating Technology

The fact is that many borders around the world get left behind in terms of new, hugely beneficial technology. Many borders still use aging CCTV systems that are largely ineffective. By investing in more effective security technologies, border security can only benefit. These technologies may include body cameras, intelligent license plate readers, intelligent vehicle undercarriage scanners, and more. The employees that end up working to secure the border should have adequate access to the kinds of resources that enable them to effectively do their jobs.


Improving Security With Gatekeeper

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