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Surprising Uses for Facial Recognition Technology

Surprising Uses for Facial Recognition Technology

Millions of people now have facial recognition technology in the palms of their hands.

While facial recognition has been around in some forms since the 1960s, recent technological developments have led to a vast proliferation of this kind of technology. Millions of people now have facial recognition technology in the palms of their hands, protecting their personal information and data on their smartphones. While mobile phones use facial recognition, there are many other uses for this type of technology to make our lives a bit easier. This includes crime prevention, protecting events, and making travel more convenient. Here is a list of ways that facial recognition technology is currently being used to make the world a smarter and better place!

Helping Law Enforcement

Mobile facial recognition apps are already helping out police officers by helping them identify individuals instantly in the field from a safe distance. This can help them by giving them contextual data that tells them exactly who they are dealing with and whether or not they should proceed with caution. For example, if a police officer pulls over a wanted murderer at a routine traffic stop, the officer would then instantly know that the suspect might be armed and dangerous, and could then call for backup. One form of facial recognition technology that could be used in this scenario is DriverCam, a facial recognition camera system that law enforcement can install in their cars.

Recognize Car Drivers

More and more car companies are experimenting with ways to use facial recognition technology. One use of facial recognition for automobiles is using a face to replace the key as a means of starting a car. Facial identification can also be used for changing radio stations and set preferences based on the driver. Facial recognition can also be used for border security officers to scan the faces of drivers crossing their borders, which will allow them to see if they are a viable terrorist threat or not before entering their country.

Find Missing People

Facial recognition can also be used to help find missing children and victims of human trafficking. As long as the missing individuals are added to a database beforehand, law enforcement can then be alerted as soon as they are recognized by facial recognition technology. This can anywhere from an airport, retail store, or other public space. Facial recognition technology can help us – both commercially and personally, on several different levels.

Intelligent Systems With Gatekeeper

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