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What To Expect From a Vehicle Inspection

What To Expect From a Vehicle Inspection

Many states and jurisdictions require inspections to be done to ensure certain vehicles meet standards set by the government.

Many states and jurisdictions require inspections to be done to ensure certain vehicles meet standards set by the government. Although most areas need motor vehicle inspections to be done annually for each driver, its smart to call your state or country’s department of motor vehicles to get a more accurate understanding of each state or country’s law. Many states also have dedicated inspection stations where drivers can have their cars inspected by trusted professionals with vehicle inspection technology. These kinds of vehicle inspection technology are used by a variety of different employees at many different locations. Here is a checklist of what you should expect when your vehicle is about to be inspected.

Safety Inspections

There are several criteria that vehicles need to meet to be deemed safe to drive on public roads, especially when entering crossing the border to a new state or country. During a safety inspection, mechanics and inspectors check parts such as your brakes, turn signals, and engine to determine if the car is safe enough for a driver, passengers, and any other drivers on the roads. If the vehicle is deemed suspicious for any reason, some mechanics can use under vehicle inspection technology to see if there are any harmful objects in the vehicle that are unable to be seen by the naked eye. This could include any dangerous weapons of terror, like bombs, guns, or any other weapons. If the vehicle inspection is being conducted at a border crossing, or by any other high-ranking government officials, this is what they might be on the lookout for. One other form of transportation technology that might be used on your vehicle is an automatic license plate scanner, which will allow those inspecting to get the exact details about the car and driver. This form of vehicle inspection technology utilizes artificial intelligence to get an accurate match.

Emission Inspections

One other thing that your car might be checked out for is its current emissions level. The emission inspection commonly occurs around the location of the vehicle’s catalytic converter, or the device that disintegrates harmful chemicals created by its engine. Make sure to have your vehicle’s emissions tested before driving long distances across any borders to avoid this test from even coming up.

Vehicle Inspection Security With Gatekeeper

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