Intelligent License Plate Recognition (ILPR)

Gatekeeper Intelligent License Plate Recognition (ILPR) decodes vehicle plates that competitor’s systems find difficult. Gatekeeper Security is the global leader in developing rugged intelligent optical systems that are required to work in extreme environments and provide very high levels of accurate results. These results are not limited to only alpha and numeric characters on license plates but also plate color, country and state of issue. As with all our products, Gatekeeper’s Intelligent License Plate Recognition (ILPR) delivers a level of precision and efficiency that competitors simply cannot match.

Precision, Speed, and the Ability to Decode Plates that Others Can’t

Gatekeeper’s Intelligent License Plate Recognition’s (ILPR) advantage over the competition comes from two critical components – superior image quality and advanced character recognition software. A high-resolution image is decoded into an alpha-numeric ASCII data file that shows the country and state along with the color of the plate where required.

  1. Superior Images – Cameras with specialized digital IP deploying either infrared, or white light illumination. Gatekeeper’s monochrome or color specialized cameras when combined with the Gatekeeper computer vision technologies deliver exceptional quality images in any condition. The use of advanced LED illumination in infrared and white light options ensure superior images in all weather and lighting conditions. The all-weather IP67 rated LPR camera housing and mounting hardware further protect the system in a range of harsh environments.
  2. Advanced Character Recognition – The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that decodes the image into useable data is extremely fast and accurate. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is tuned to meet the unique attributes of the country or region where the system is installed.

System Integration

The Intelligent License Plate Recognition (ILPR) can be integrated into the Intelligent Vehicle Undercarriage Scanner (IVUS), so license plate information and undercarriage scanning results are presented together on the operator terminal. In addition, the Intelligent License Plate Recognition (ILPR) offers easy integration with secure TCP/IP interfaces and SDK that make connecting with other security technologies and PSIM platforms fast and cost-effective. The Gatekeeper Intelligent License Plate Recognition (ILPR) can be deployed either as an integrated or standalone solution.

Database Management and Storage Options

Security personnel can know where every vehicle is at all times by tracking vehicles in and out of a defined area using multiple database management and storage options. Secure TCP-IP interfaces can automatically link to law enforcement reporting systems so that stolen vehicles, stolen plates, or vehicles of interest are automatically flagged on the operator terminal, alerting the operator to take special precautions. Gatekeeper’s Intelligent License Plate Recognition (ILPR) is revolutionary in every respect. It is a license plate management system that is capable of monitoring and managing multiple license plate camera systems either locally or across an entire country. See below more information on Gatekeeper’s Intelligent License Plate Recognition (ILPR).


Gatekeeper’s Intelligent License Plate Recognition (ILPR) has use in a range of vehicle access control applications, including:

  • Entry and Egress Lanes
  • Vehicle Movement Tracking
  • Border Crossings
  • Secure Parking Facilities
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