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Why Autonomous Trucking Could Be On the Forefront of Security Changes

Autonomous Trucking

Autonomous trucking promises a lot of new changes, but does it have security implications as well?

Around the world, we rely on trucks to get products to where they need to be. Trucking jobs have long been the lifeblood of many communities and are an essential part of keeping some people employed, but the industry has undeniably suffered from a driver shortage. Many companies out there are seeking to understand ways to automate driving generally but specifically the trucking industry, which has already been automated in some areas. It’s a strenuous job that requires drivers to spend long hours away from their families and may require supplemental jobs for employees to work during downtime. Autonomous trucking may be a key part in solving the trucking crisis and keeping products going where they need to be but they also pose some big questions about the future of vehicle inspection security.

Why is Trucking Being Automated?

It’s harder to get people to want to work as truckers but we’re also seeing an increased need as more and more products get shipped throughout the global economy. Oftentimes, the best ways to get those products into the hands of consumers combine proper planning with a bit of cutting-edge technology such as autonomous trucking. 

There are big benefits to using automated driving processes for this purpose, too. An automated truck never needs to stop for food or take breaks to sleep. Backed by the right algorithms, it could even be the case that autonomous trucking is even safer and reduces the risk that anyone gets hurt. Between creating new efficiencies and making everyone on the road safer, there are many reasons we may want to invest in automated trucking.

How Does This Impact Security?

One critical element of creating effective vehicle inspection technologies is an idea of accountability. If you check someone’s license, for example, you’re able to instantly attribute identity to a driver and check it against an existing system. An automated truck may not have that same level of accountability and authenticating them may end up creating difficulties. In the event that an automated truck is used in an attack, where normally the driver would be obviously at fault, it becomes a question that is far more complicated. The company that made the AI may be at fault, or the manufacturer of the truck, or the company that actually hired the AI, or just some other third-party who may be hard to track as a result of the nature of the technology. 

Groundbreaking Technologies With Gatekeeper

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